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The Only Project

Starting a campaign from scratch is somewhat daunting but I suspect it's like growing a tree from a seed.  Below I've planted a few seeds.   Of course they'll need watering. That's where you come in.


Help make it an

only friendly world

Help make the documentary



As a television producer and documentary maker, creating a film about Generation Only is the most natural way for me to raise awareness about this incredible new generation of only children. 


To help the film answer the question "Who are Generation Only?" it will enter the lives of only children around the world so we can get to know them intimately.  


Children from all over the world will be featured as we explore what they have in common and what it's like to live as an only child right now in their part of the globe.  Are they happy? Spoiled? Lonely? Risk averse? Conservative? Confident? Ambitious? Thriving? And what about their parents?  Are they happy they didn't have more children?  Why?


You can help get this project off the ground by telling us your story.  


We intend to kick start the documentary with a crowd funding initiative when we have enough support and followers.  


By subscribing to you will be kept informed about progress and ways in which you can contribute.  


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We need translators

Can you speak German? Swedish? Japanese or any other language?


The Only Project needs translators to translate our content and take our message to the world

If you can help please let us know. 

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